Insulation 101

Insulation is not something you want to skimp on when building your new home, because if the house is too cold it will be hard to live in and if it is too warm it will feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Even the smallest house with the most basic insulation can save people’s lives from heat loss or structural damage, so it is important to have insulation installed in every home and every room.

There are various types of insulation available to homeowners to use, depending on what the house needs. Many homeowners choose an insulating material based on the size of their home or what they would like the room to do. The options are endless, and you can find insulation in the form of insulation boards, rigid foam sheets, rigid sheets, compact polystyrene blocks, compact foam sheets, rigid foam blocks, and more.

One of the most common types of insulation is foamed. It is available in sheets and compact sizes. Foam blocks are often paired with special compact cells, trapped air, and high tech foam beads that dramatically increase its insulating capabilities. Although foam blocks require a professional installation, it is a good option for newly built houses or for those undergoing repairs. If you want insulation that is more affordable, you may want to consider using wood shingles instead. The good news about wood shingles is that they are less expensive than foam blocks and will give the same insulating results.

One of the least expensive options is paper, although it is not the thickest insulation available. This type of insulation, made from fiberglass or cellulose, is more cost effective than foam blocks, but is still quite expensive. You may also find other materials such as cork and wood chips in various shapes and sizes, but these materials are usually more expensive and will not offer the same insulation benefits as foam blocks, which means you may need to cut costs elsewhere to get the same results.

The special types of insulation that can be applied to a home include fiberglass insulation, and even wood. Fiberglass is considered a special type of insulator because it is designed to create a dense air barrier that is denser than air itself. This way, a homeowner can reduce the amount of heat lost through the roof, walls, and attic. Fiberglass comes in different shapes to help create this air barrier. By creating a dense barrier between the air and the home, it takes away a lot of the heat that escapes through windows, doors, and windowsills.

There are many different choices of insulation to choose from. You can have everything in one color, or go with a different color for each room. You can choose to either have a thick solid color or a striped pattern, or you can have one solid color in place of another. In some cases you can even have different types of materials placed in various places around the home.