Stucco Repair Cost Considerations

Depending on the severity of your stucco repair problems and your expertise in the repair industry, the costs of stucco repair can vary dramatically. Generally, most companies charge between five hundred and one thousand dollars for a standard, unrepaired stucco repair.

The average costs of stucco repair can range from six hundred to ten thousand dollars. How much you end up paying will depend largely on the area and size of the repair, its location and texture, and if you want to color-match or paint-match it with your house’s exterior. In some cases, companies will charge more than one thousand dollars to fix a large repair. If you hire an experienced contractor, they are likely to charge more than this.

The costs of repairs do not stop at the contractor’s office. A few hundred dollars can go toward professional cleaning services, as well as insurance, and the cost of hiring a certified plumber. Your contractor will need to obtain a license to do business in the city where you live, so you should make sure that he or she is bonded, insured and has a good standing with the city.

You may be surprised by the costs of repairs, but if you are lucky, the repair company will offer to perform repairs free of charge. It is important, however, that you know exactly what services will be performed and for how long, because this may determine the final price.

To learn about stucco repair costs and companies, check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints against a particular company. Visit the website of the National Stucco Contractor Association, which keeps a listing of every licensed and unlicensed stucco contractor in the country. If you want to learn the costs of repair services, contact the National Stucco Contractor Association, but do not use their web site for the purpose of finding contractors.

Do-it-yourself stucco repair companies often advertise themselves online, but make sure they have a solid reputation in the business and can guarantee work done right. They may also have websites that provide basic information on the repair process, but these sites may not be up-to-date with all new repairs being done or do not give accurate information about the costs of a repair. and the length of time it will take to complete the job. If you are looking for a company to complete your repairs, call around to find one that has a good reputation, affordable costs, good service and offers to answer questions or make other arrangements.